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3 Oct 2015 11:34

Lots of people are in desperate needs of Jobs. Graduates keep increasing day in and out. Employees are complaining of wages which are subject to freezing. People are at home. The economy is choked. What do you think is the smartest thing one can do to be financially successful in this era???

6 Oct 2015 08:19

Pure water selling

7 Oct 2015 18:52
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10 Oct 2015 00:55

I think one can be his own boss by doing a network business...most billionaires all start with online business, follow the link I ll send to you or contact me on +233247079118 for more details

10 Oct 2015 00:56

if you are desperate for a job den contact me

10 Oct 2015 00:57


What is 4CORNERS?
4corners is a new and dynamic online network business in the USA founded by Mr. David Harrison. As a network business 4corners offers people an incredible opportunity to educate themselves financially and also earn money at the same time. Unlike other network business where u carry products chasing people to buy before u make money, in 4corners you don't go around selling products to anyone. Members make sales by downloading books to read.

What product is 4corners marketing?

4corners just like any other network business has a product to market. But as I said earlier 4corners market financial education sets of books in an ebook or pdf form. Not health or tea products. Just pdf books on financial issues like investment, financial literacy, managing your debt, how to save etc. These books are very valuable n rich to educate every average person on financial matters. So these are the products you are going to have access to download by joining 4corners. You just download them onto ur laptop, phone etc n read. This is far better n smart than carrying health products around chasing people to buy.

4corners just like any network business offers it's members a powerful compensation plan to make money by paying members handsome commission from the sales of the ebooks. A sale in 4corners simply means you have registered someone, ur downlines have registered someone or ur downlines have upgraded to another level. Simple as that. So anytime any of the 3 things above happens,you receive a commission. There are two powerful ways you earn money
1. Instant commission
2. 100% matching bonus

Instant commission
This is the commission you receive whenever a sale of the book is made in all ur 6 levels.
Level 1= $4x4 people, u make $16.
Level 2= $4x16 people, u make $64.
Level 3= $10x64 people, u make $640.
Level 4= $24x256 people, u make $6,144
Level 5= $60x1024 people, u make $61,440
Level 6= $120x4096 people, u make $491,920

So you see how powerful 4corners is. About $491,920 in instant's commission alone. All you do is join us and also register just 4 people.. only 4...anyone can do this.

100% matching bonus.
Now this is the part that makes 4corners the best network business ever. You receive the same money the 4people you brought also receives in the business. Did u hear me? When ever the 4people u brought into 4corners make any money, you are paid same amount on them on all the levels. This is unbelievable. So when ur 4 people make $16 in level 1, you make $16x 4,thus $64 in matching bonus... when they make $64 in level 2, you make $64x4 also, thus $ imagine when ur 4 make $61,440 in level 5, you make $61,440x 4...just calculate that for urself my friend. This is incredible.. no network business does this..only u can see why people are joining 4corners all over.

Why should you join 4corners?
1. Only $18 to join. One time payment. No money from you again.
2. No carrying of health products to chase people. You just download ebooks to read.
3. You withdraw ur money every Tuesday, not 2weeks or a month.

How do I join 4corners?
You are registered tru 2 means.
1. Visa card. If you have a bank debit/credit or prepaid visa card, you can use to register. The $18 will be deducted by 4corners from your bank accounts. Currently $18 can be calculated in cedis depending on the interbank dollar rate.
2. Solidtrustpay
If you have no visa card, we will register you through an online system called stp. You will pay the money in cedis to us. Then we use to register you.

What do I get after I register?
Immediately you are registered, you get the following.
1. Your own personal 4corners website and link to register others.
2. You get access to download ur level 1 ebooks.

How will I withdraw my money?
4corners has 3 ways for you to withdraw ur money
1. Solidtrustpay (stp)
You will open an stp account once you register. It's free. Then you withdraw ur money into it n sell it to 4corners members to get ur money in cedis.
Use this link to open your stp account for free

2. To ur visa card. You can withdraw ur money to ur own bank visa card in Ghana and withdraw from any atm anywhere.

3. Bank accounts.
Once you make just $500 , you will send the money straight into ur bank accounts.

4. By Directpay express mastercard (DPX) from USA which yu can use to withdraw your money from anywhere.

Will I get support when I join your team?

By I get support when I join your team?
Yes, all the support you will need to h by is given to you in 4corners.
1. You will be added to our whatsapp group to meet all the members after u register. You can ask all questions for clarification n support.
2. You will be able to add your people to our prospects groups so the top leaders talk to them for you. You just add them n we talk to them for you. Simple as that.
3. We do training for members every Sunday on watsap. You will take part to learn from the rest.

I am sure you see how easy n profitable 4corners is, if you want to make some extra income for urself, then I recommend you join us. 4corners is very powerful n can turn ur financial situation around. Only $18, n just 4 people, n u will be on your way to financial freedom. If you can't do this then I don't know. Come begin your journey to success with 4corners. Remember "the poor people are working hard as the rich people are working smart"

Come work smart with 4corners. Just get back to me lets get started if you are ready to make money online. Thanks.

For more information on 4corners, you can contact us below. On
Call or whatsapp


Twitter: @quame_boakye


Visit our facebook page

Spend time to search YouTube for video tutorials on four corners

In case you get everything straight and you want to sign up just sign up here

This is the site to the cutting edge financial education books

You can contact me on any method above before sign up!!! Waiting for you at the top!!!! Quame Boakye!!! TEAM GO FAR##

11 Oct 2015 20:40

table top business,chuch,and schools

12 Oct 2015 14:20
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14 Oct 2015 00:39


2 Apr 2016 14:11

obofundspro is here for u.
investment plans
4.5%-12.5% daily income of ur deposit. min is $1.

up to 15% of ur deposit for 5days. min is $10.

15 Jul 2016 12:41

juxt create something on your own anything nasty that you like and the public will also love it. Juxt do your own thing and you will start making money in it... by three to four mounth you will see your self as a weathy person. Become your own boss in jux a few months depends on yourself. Belieave and trust in yourself you can do it. We school for acquring knowglede and with that you can achieave your goals. Dont graduate from the Universities,colleges,Polythnics and relax at home waiting for the gov't to employ you.Friends Juxt be creative and you will be rich forever

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10 Jul 2017 21:41


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