Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Love At First Sight ?
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26 Sep 2015 15:47

Is Love at First Sight Possible? Can you pls explain why it can / can't ?

28 Sep 2015 21:58

It is possible to love someone within a minuit or seconds leading to marriage or everlasting Since some people study themselves for long as wel before deciding to stay together in a relationship and they still break up. Love at first sight should be prayed upon to know if truely the other person is truely the right partner giving to you by God so as to avoid disappointment since most of it is not love but rather lust. Thnx

29 Sep 2015 21:36

well spoken

1 Oct 2015 19:23

Well explain

2 Oct 2015 20:04

love it

10 Oct 2015 23:48