Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - identifying true love
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23 Sep 2015 05:30

how will you no if a girl have some fillings for you or has fallen in love with you.

24 Sep 2015 14:42
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26 Sep 2015 11:32

thats a big questions overthere...this 21 century...some ladies are full of pretense..other can hv great love nd care feelings for u.but they mean jus friendship...
so to knw whether a lady loves u or not entails alot

26 Sep 2015 15:41

firstly, she is upset with you to know your mind
secondly she likes everything about you whether good or bad
lastly she sticks to u the way a metal can never be separated from magnet.

26 Sep 2015 19:24
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26 Sep 2015 22:11

The time u are falling in love her,and when when u are true to her u will also receive true love from het.

27 Sep 2015 05:38

The way she behaves

28 Sep 2015 02:44

through de character of de girl hw she is behaving

28 Sep 2015 22:15

Men try as much as they can to hide their feelings when inlove but women dont. A man can easily know the mind of a lady as to if inlove or not by the way she smiles and looks at him, by the way she acts to him when in public and how she cares for him, by the way she even talks to him. There are soo much more

30 Sep 2015 17:17
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