Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - what will u do?
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7 Sep 2015 16:21

if you wake up one day and get a call from your friends to check on a site and when you clicked on that site, you see your naked pics and sex tapes, how will you feel and what will you do?

8 Sep 2015 09:58

I will be very ashamed of my self nd wuldnt know wat to do

10 Sep 2015 15:12

nothing cuz it has alrdy hapn nd I can't change it...will just be careful next time

10 Sep 2015 15:31

I will be very happy becus it will make me join to stars

11 Sep 2015 01:46

nothing will be sad and beware of everyone on dis earth

11 Sep 2015 01:50

i will feel hurt buh u wont say anytin.silence always gives less attention

11 Sep 2015 03:38

Quote by DennisAnokea
I will be very happy becus it will make me join to stars

lyk seriously? ur nakedness everywhere nd u will feel hapi? wat kinda star b dat

11 Sep 2015 18:23

then u need to be careful of your friend he/she is dangreons.

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11 Sep 2015 21:27

Careful for spy on me next time whn am abt to strip myself naked.

12 Sep 2015 01:02


12 Sep 2015 01:18

is just mend to be
so let its be
be proud of yo self n who u are, naver let that kills yo soul
more room for improvement...

13 Sep 2015 01:52

Very ashamed

14 Sep 2015 17:02

now guyz, , wv seen de bad side of de guy buh I want to ask miss swtpuci what she did to upset de guy dat made him leak videos nd de pics. ..I have like 5 of the sex tapes nd its too disgracing.

14 Sep 2015 17:29

am a prostitute dat one I wont hide.......buh wen I met him,bcs I luv him,I acted lyk a gud gal buh I still do de job secretly nd somebody told him dat am prostitute. ..u know Ghanaians. .so he didn't blv nd he hired his frnd to text me if wat dey re sayn is true buh I didn't know his plans so he made de guy fuck me nd recorded it wen i went to him de nxt day, he shud me de vid nd started disgrcing me.das hw it hapnd.

14 Sep 2015 17:31

hmm am soo shameful. ..I know am a whore buh I dnt deserve dis.hnmn

14 Sep 2015 17:35

too bad.
u re a very nice gal plz stp dat job kk
its a sin....oh much do u gt a day?

14 Sep 2015 17:40

hahaha. . dear dnt cry cuz sextape is a normal thing dis days. . u re a star dear
ur puci go swt waaa luk at hw ur guy was fuckn nd mourning....somebody wants u for de whole week afta watching de videos dey be

15 Sep 2015 13:22

hmmmm u didn't try at all ..if u truly luv him lyk u are saying, u wuld hv stpd dis dirty job for his sake ...we alll go tru hardships buh selling ur body for moni wont gv u anything buh disgrace at de end of de day.