Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it possible to love two girls at once?
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1 Sep 2015 21:05

I'm just curious as to if anyone has any experience (girls or guys) with this and if they think it's possible.

2 Sep 2015 11:29

It is possible, but is not lead u become unfaithfulness when u get marriage. It also lead u too much spending, contract sexual diseases ITS.

2 Sep 2015 13:24

To me,is normal bcos u can make the best choice for ur own good,am going through this my self so guys i think is tym we make better choice ladies of today r troublesome.

3 Sep 2015 11:12

its posble and its gud coz ugot afull doz

3 Sep 2015 15:55

my view plse...
love ur neighbour as the fact is u can love 2 or more girls generaly..but the reality is....u cant love 2 girls as in a relationship leading to marriage..unless u want to marry more than 1 girl.
but u can date 2 or more girls also.. to knw their manners..

4 Sep 2015 22:46

man must be supper,so no p.

4 Sep 2015 23:14

I no that it good for some pelpoe but it dad for me...

5 Sep 2015 12:36

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5 Sep 2015 14:35

Is,neva good. Guys of today r poisonous. If a lady is cheating,who is she cheating with? Is it not a guy? Eill be happy if someone does this to your sister??

5 Sep 2015 14:48

Is,neva good. Guys of today r poisonous. If a lady is cheating,who is she cheating with? Is it not a guy? will be happy if someone does this to your sister or family member ??

6 Sep 2015 09:14

Is possible espercially when ready for marriage so that you can choose among the two since not every one who comes your way is going to be your future partner. Thnx

6 Sep 2015 11:08

U are ryt bro

6 Sep 2015 13:58

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8 Sep 2015 08:25

Neva pissible, besides u can't even marry de two. So y worry urslf by having dem both.

8 Sep 2015 13:30

Hmm is not posible please

9 Sep 2015 13:18

yeah it is.....I for example,I dated two guyz nd I luvd dem both...nd was afraid to lose them....buh wen such thing hapns to u, u hv to control urslf cuz at de end of de day, u wont gt anything buh u myt lose dem both

9 Sep 2015 15:08

U cnt marry d 2!

9 Sep 2015 15:21

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11 Sep 2015 23:53

it's not possible because, no body can serves two masters at the same time...he may love the one and hate the other so I think only one is enough.

12 Sep 2015 02:54

It never possible ,u first like him or her B4 it would grow into love , less say ,,example,, charley a really like marry ooh hmm bat i love gifty too ohh ,u see when it happens like dis, u hv to be very careful of ur seletives thnx .