Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Bible hate two wives???
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25 Aug 2015 01:15

If give chapter...

25 Aug 2015 16:25

Sorry my brother, don't misquote the Bible.. The Bible only tells Us that a one man should marry one woman... Looking @ king David lot of wives and concubines, with all the psalms and ways of worshiping God, God till Punish Him 4 Adultery. the Bibles is Complete and None of God's words will go unfilled.

26 Aug 2015 18:56

Yes indeed the bible hates two marriages....... in de beginning God almighty in his infinite wisdom created man, and he also created fr the man a woman...NB: HE DIDNT GIVE TO THE MAN TWO WOMEN but rather HE GAVE TO ADAM ONE WIFE.......nw the question is Y didnt he give to the man two or more women but rather he gasve unto him God demonstrated it to us by givind unto the man one woman

27 Aug 2015 20:59

Thanks dear one