Ghana forum: Literature - ★★★★ You in the word Youth ☆☆☆☆
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24 Aug 2015 00:45

Have you ever noticed the word 'You' in youth? The word
'You' appearing in youth and not man or woman should not
be seen as coincidental or an accident because the youth
stage is the stage when the real 'You' is found, defined and
Dr. John C. Maxwell puts it better when he asserts that 'In an
individual, there are six people.
They are;
Who you are reputed to be
Who you are expected to be
Who you were
Who you wish to be
Who you think you are and
Who you really are
The youthful stage is the period where all the 'you' in you is
Youth is the time of life when one is young and vibrant,full of
vigor and spirit and also appearance and freshness. Youth is
the stage of constructing the self-concept. The concept of
youth in influenced by several variables such as
peers,lifestyles,gender and culture.....