Ghana forum: Culture - WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
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18 Aug 2015 18:36

Something just came to mind. Assuming u go to sleep and only woke up to realize u are no more on earth. You are dead. You look and to your amazement HEAVEN and HELL are actually real; and you never believed in God or accepted Jesus.... (you know what that means). WHAT WOULD U DO???

19 Aug 2015 10:35

M' dear he did nt believe in de name of JESUS wen he was on earth so by all means he ill go 2 HELL..!

19 Aug 2015 15:44

Thats right dear. We only have the chance to repent now that we have breath. " it is appointed unto man to die ones. And after death judgment". .Your disbelief or unbelieve doesn't nullify that.

20 Aug 2015 00:31
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20 Aug 2015 11:12

We have only one chance on Earth to repent from our sins because after death is judgement

20 Aug 2015 22:56