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5 Aug 2015 18:13

Of all the people in your family,
whose death would you find most
disturbing? Why?

6 Aug 2015 09:05

Mine Death Cuz Am Not Ready 4 Heaven Yet

7 Aug 2015 13:29

Quote by Justice749
Mine Death Cuz Am Not Ready 4 Heaven Yet

eiiii saaaa?? like seriously??

8 Aug 2015 15:37

ma parents, bro n sis cuz i love dem paaaaaaah

9 Aug 2015 16:17

My husband because money is very hard to come by in the system now. So if he dies who is going to help me pay for the childrens school fees and in feeding them since we all know that each one for himself

10 Aug 2015 23:28

i like one thing about you. You are very sincere. Keep it up. But i believe money is not the reason why it will hurt you most to loose your husband?