Ghana forum: Culture - what is it going 2 b ?
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5 Aug 2015 18:12

Your house, containing everything
you own, catches fire. After saving your
loved ones and pets, you have time to
safely make a final dash to save any one
item. What would it be? Why?

6 Aug 2015 23:35

Money , cos it can help buy de oda items agn

7 Aug 2015 00:39

Bible thats my weapon

9 Aug 2015 16:22

Mmmmmmmm. May be my Bible and may be too money. Any way it's secret

9 Aug 2015 19:34

my bible

9 Aug 2015 20:31


10 Aug 2015 23:37

when it does happen, your bible will not even come to your mind. Trust me. The only people who might remember their bible are those who read it every single day more than once