Ghana forum: Jokes - ewes n fantes who is an alcholic
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13 Apr 2014 20:14

there is a dispute between the two tribes over who owns a land. The fantes came out with an idea that who ever drinks 60 gallons of apeteshi will take the land the ewes agreed.The ewes went home after the agreement, following day sent sumone to verify the preparation of the contest the messenger said pls can i taste the alchol volume, so the fantes brought out 55 gallons, he drunk all n said (oh this is very good for children's party) bring the actual apeteshi for the contest. Fantes luked at each other n asked him-pls r u part of the contest he said no so they were very happy n asked why: he said he is not qualified for this contest. Fantes said go tell ur people they've won. wat will be ur answer

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