Ghana forum: Jokes - husband and wife
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13 Apr 2014 12:05

wife;u were smelling perfume when u came here Husband;i got it from the woman i was squeezed with in the taxi. Wife;wat about the lipstick on ur mouth Husband;oh this i got it frm my friend julie whom i was congratulating for passing her exams. Wife;wat about de condom Husband;hey leave me alone too much questions i want to sleep. Wife;crying) this is not fair becos when i use them i bring them home. Husband;woke up angrily wat did u say. Wife;leave me alone too much questions i want to sleep

16 Apr 2014 11:13

that is fanny

3 Jul 2014 14:40

No one z faithful

7 Oct 2014 17:03


21 Oct 2014 12:45

Funny indeed

1 Nov 2014 20:13

wat a wow

15 Jan 2015 01:34


6 Feb 2015 20:20

lol so interesting