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27 Jul 2015 04:18

Shoe making and track pusher which one is good and why do you think so ??? Your views are welcome...

30 Jul 2015 09:45

I wil go in for the shoe making because truck pusher is too difficult as compared to shoe making and again shoe making is of high class than truck pusher though all two are good jobs

3 Aug 2015 01:07

Man feeds on what its in his hand... i do believe that shoemaking is more better than truckpushiong... however,shoemaking deals with education of both hand and brain but truckpushing is only about physical streanght... PEACE

5 Aug 2015 09:51

I will go in for a track pusher becos wit dis business I will earn more hahaha never understimate that job

Edited by ike_luwi / 5 Aug 2015 09:55
5 Aug 2015 19:09

wel shoe makin is of high standard compared 2 track pushing.shoe makin consists of educational works n applyin de brain. its a job dat can be of great value to de family as a whole.track pusher may gain more money but nt al de tym cos u can get sick.