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17 Jul 2015 15:37

What qualities would you currently view essential in a potential marriage mate?

17 Jul 2015 15:39

Good looking,morrally upright,trustworthy

17 Jul 2015 20:31

1. God fearing 2. Hard working 3. Faithfulness 4. Comportness or respect 5. Caringness 6.and maybe how gorgeous he is being an exceptional if the need arise

18 Jul 2015 09:38

Goodfearing, lovely, goodlooking, sexy, charming and helpful

18 Jul 2015 11:31

Ohw mine is very simple, just good lookin n lovin, only dat , but more emphasis on de Loving

18 Jul 2015 18:24


18 Jul 2015 22:32

someone who will help close to god

19 Jul 2015 10:57


20 Jul 2015 19:05

God fearing, Honest,Helpful,Respectful,Good Communicator, Interesting to be with,Loving, Caring n perhaps Good Looking.

22 Jul 2015 12:22


24 Jul 2015 11:25

i fink u guys r all missing d point. r u aware we av criteria in choosing a partner. all those fings u guys r mentioning is necessary but not important

25 Jul 2015 22:50

Quote by Mathias8890

That is all

27 Jul 2015 14:22

God fearing, not a talkertive, good cook, hardingworking, understanding, not a lover of money and perhaps beautiful. I know is very hard to find but with God is possible.

27 Jul 2015 22:08

Marriage can be a source of rich happiness or of most bitter pain.Much depends upon how ready you are for it.