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16 Jul 2015 18:41

Why do some date secretly?

16 Jul 2015 18:59

Secret dating is a rebellion thing.

17 Jul 2015 03:30

Becos dey dnt knw wat they want

17 Jul 2015 20:27

I think is to 1. To avoid gossip . 2. Lack of faithfulness since he or she may want to cheat in thr relationship

18 Jul 2015 09:22

For me, such people are mostly liers,arogants,greedies and selfish.

18 Jul 2015 11:45

ok, secret has soo many good reasons n bad ones fr it, but is nt bad tho,

18 Jul 2015 16:16

U guyz ar hilarious.....#

18 Jul 2015 18:29

Quote by dwoodsdawn
I think is to 1. To avoid gossip . 2. Lack of faithfulness since he or she may want to cheat in thr relationship

Yeah u r right

20 Jul 2015 16:25

secret as to de parents or de partner?? wel lookin at wat u guys re explainin n de topic is confusing,but den wen it comes to de parents side, its better u tell dem who u go out wit or even one of dem wil do if u know u not hidin anything bad.

20 Jul 2015 16:34

a secret dating bringe problems

20 Jul 2015 16:38

if enythin happend do not worry b in ur relatoingship

20 Jul 2015 22:02

They just dont trust themselves.

20 Jul 2015 22:24

Dre most b a good reason for a secret dating, if a man is workin in a company n has a relationship wit a lady in dat same company, for some period both of them as to make it a secret until their marriage plan is ready. If not both of them wil lose their job bcos one of as to leav the company

21 Jul 2015 13:25

it smetymx gud or bad buh i think secret dating is gud in such way that it helps u find more ideas about ur partner u are dating in terms he or she havn an affair elsewhere without ur knowledge.

27 Jul 2015 15:19

Christians are children of the light. When Mary was engaged to Joseph , I dont believe it was a secret. Let your light so shine that people may know your good fruits to praise God. Anything done in secret is questionable. Many at times, we may have excellent reasons why we do what we do whether right or wrong. Adam had every reason to blame Eve for his fall but God won't take that. Let the Holy bible; better still the word of God rule and dictate your life. Pray.

27 Jul 2015 22:21

Datin often puts youths under pressure to grant unwanted displays of affection.

27 Jul 2015 22:37

Oh!Very Interesting Question, Such People Dont Believe What They Are Doing Because Of Their Bad Maind. Any One Who Cheating Do That

15 Sep 2015 18:16

Secret datin is a rebellion thing.

15 Sep 2015 22:04

Another Slay tactic is to arrange for a group activity,only to pair of later.