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16 Jul 2015 17:47

What makes a good parent?

16 Jul 2015 17:51

A home in which parents love and respect each other is an excellent environment for a child to grow up in.

18 Jul 2015 08:01

A good parent is when the man and the woman respect each others view. Is when there is peace in their matrimonial home and when they see to the wel being of their children so that they dont engage themselves on the street being thieves, prostitutes and many more. A good parent will give the last penny on him in his pocket to his or her child. Every good parent want the best for his child

18 Jul 2015 11:42

Good parents are de ones that brings up their children in de best possible way dey are capable of

19 Jul 2015 00:31

Good parents are parents who know their responsibilities and act accodingly....

20 Jul 2015 17:06

U guys hav said it all.Parents 4 us de children re in de place of God.God speaks thru dem to us.So a good Parent is de 1 who teaches de children de right path to take in life.A good parent will die for his children jus like Jesus died for us sinners.

27 Jul 2015 15:25

A good parent himself lives according to the standard of The holy scriptures and trains his child in the Lord. Three characters that stand out; love, respect and discipline .