Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - QUESTION TO THE LADIES: Who will you go for? A guy with
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19 Jun 2015 00:59

A. Looks, brain but no character.
B. Looks, character but no brain.
C. Character, brain but no looks.

20 Jun 2015 19:25

c will be better

21 Jun 2015 00:00

Very interestin , would be expectin more C`s as de answer, but dey shld also consider A, cos is also a very nyc option. Too bad i can comment much abt de option A , cos dis question is to de ladies

21 Jun 2015 00:04

hmm aye asem paa ooh

21 Jun 2015 00:06

c and a characters can change but looks cannot .

21 Jun 2015 00:15

I ll go for the c look does not mean anything when it comes love field

21 Jun 2015 00:18

looks dont mean anything the same applys to character if the person pays attention no problem.

21 Jun 2015 00:19

Cam on , luks means a lot in love dear , its de force of attraction dats start every tin abt love

21 Jun 2015 01:05

I know why i posted this, i am a C but my girl left me sadly.

21 Jun 2015 01:26

Dats wht i wanted to say , if u ask lyk dis , all ladies would choose C but in reality, dey prefer de A de most

21 Jun 2015 01:36

C will be better

21 Jun 2015 06:27

Quote by Bounce79
I know why i posted this, i am a C but my girl left me sadly.

my frnd look has nothing to do with love, she saw u be4 u propose n she accepted so if now she opted to go that means she wasn't to be ur mistress so move, ur mistress is waiting 4 u.

21 Jun 2015 08:44

a ladys hmmm i dont want to say anything for what ladys had to lady dump me when i had am injury

21 Jun 2015 15:15

I will go for c, becus luv does not not care for looks

21 Jun 2015 22:52

hmmmm...jus observing

21 Jun 2015 22:55

@prettyshadow dnt jst observe, comment

21 Jun 2015 23:59

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22 Jun 2015 00:33

Well I tink C is de best option to choose but it just dat we ladies ar now turning into sumtyn else and just following de A but we will all choose C if we ar asked.

22 Jun 2015 00:35

It is not our fault if we go in for de luks but I tink it is guys hu go in for de luks cos most of de ladies go in for attention, care and de latent function dat is money

22 Jun 2015 00:35