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8 Jun 2015 12:25

Which of this is most painful after u breakup with someone u love ..

Relationship or friendship break up which is most painful ??

8 Jun 2015 18:47

Very briefly,Relationship of cos is more painful. In friendship,if both trust each other for the friendship and respect each other for the friendship then they can set expectations and limits and even code of conduct.that way you mitigate the pain.but in a relationship u cant set expectations cos it is open. It depends a lot on how each party gives and takes.

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8 Jun 2015 18:51


9 Jun 2015 00:48

Hmmm, friendship

9 Jun 2015 13:35

Relationship is more painful but fr friendship u can stil make up

10 Jun 2015 10:14

Relationship because it hurt me more if my guy breakes up with me than if my friend decides to go from me

10 Jun 2015 19:11

friends dey say re forever but den, relationships re something dat goes wit de heart n matters of de heart is not something u should joke wit. therefore a relationship breaking up is more painful.

18 Jun 2015 14:25

I should have a reason to break up with someone, so there4 it won't pain me

18 Jun 2015 14:46

I would nt twist ur qstn in any way bt shud th condition be "if th other party breaks up with me in an intimate(emotions) relationship OR interpersonal(frnd) relationship" IN THIS CASE frndshp go pain me than intimate cos I share my secrets n nonsecrets with my frnd

15 Jul 2015 18:58

i don't have one so no broke up

15 Jul 2015 19:32

2 me l think reletionship is more painfull