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27 May 2015 04:55

Can change your life true or false?

27 May 2015 04:58

yes its good

27 May 2015 09:41

Money is good but it cant buy our lives. Is good if we suffer by working to get moni can to kill for money. Money when on you can make you eat food of your choices and ride in expensive cars, moni can make you go to big-big places, moni can make a small boy or girl a grown up person for a grown poor person to become a child. Money simply is the root of all evil

27 May 2015 12:38

yes it can change life as it makes a small boy or girl a grown up and an elderly man a child it changed their lifes

27 May 2015 14:12

Moni is sweet bt very evil

27 May 2015 15:03
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27 May 2015 21:07

Quote by Philemon36
Der is no doubt dat money can change a person's lyf. However, dis change may either be postv or negtv. It may be postv if de person is able to ctrl de money absolutely. But wer de person is being ctrlled by de money, den der will surely be a negtv change.

But its difficult to control money ooo

28 May 2015 01:26

The love for money is the root fr wickedness

28 May 2015 11:10

Yes is true

28 May 2015 17:21

Money is gud. bt jst dat clean money dirty money u cnt tel no difrence

29 May 2015 12:58


30 May 2015 12:16

yh money can change ones life, money is nt de root of ALL evil, maybe most of de evil tins are being caused by money but definitely nt ALL.

30 May 2015 12:41


30 May 2015 17:37

Simple question and fellows be can change lives true or false....simple no need fr long speeches

30 May 2015 17:43

Quote by letshavesex
Simple question and fellows be can change lives true or false....simple no need fr long speeches

guess was a short speech and an answer

31 May 2015 11:03

Money is never evil but the way u will use the money...that will make it become evil for u but brothers and sisters hahhahahaha money is gud and sweet...we all need money but let us wait for God time...dnt rush

31 May 2015 11:19

The meaning of money is the root of all evil is that some people does all kinds of evil things just to get money. And money again brings envyness through prospering in a family or among friends. So I stil stand that among is the root of all evil

31 May 2015 14:18

talking abt money being de root of all evil, der are sam evils dat are nt caused by money. like terrorist attacks,de case of boko haram, and oda crimes dat are being caused by ego, pride, and odas except

31 May 2015 14:19

1 Jun 2015 23:58

yea money does change a person's life whether positively or negatively it doesnt matter how dat money was earned or made.