Ghana forum: Other - what do you think if you see a pastor slept in drinking spot?
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26 May 2015 10:43

a pastor close from church and on his way home,heavy rainfalling and he enter drinking spot and slept without drinking.

26 May 2015 13:48

i will think nothing bad

26 May 2015 13:53

I wi also think nothing bad for him since each and every one wil give his or her life account some day to come in Heaven

26 May 2015 14:27

the fact dat u slept in a garage does not make u a car,he must have been waiting for someone and he slept off simple, judgement belongs to God alone.

26 May 2015 14:40

ok only GOD can judge but what do you think people will taught about him when they came and met him there sleeping?

26 May 2015 21:36

If not for de rain he wouldn't enter there so there is nothing wrong with that and EVEN if there is something wrong it's God who will judge

29 May 2015 01:33

Dis x not a bad thing

8 Nov 2015 21:20

They drink obviouz

8 Nov 2015 21:28

No pastor called by Christ will ever do so. Because God spirit is holy and righteous and will never let you go to where is unholy no matter the circumstance.

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