Ghana forum: Other - SCAMMERS
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25 May 2015 19:19

Please I have notice that all the women photos hear are all men they are scammers ,fraudsters using women photos to perfect their dealings so please be were of the especial all the beautiful photos hear if not I pity you …………………………

26 May 2015 13:47

ok we hear oooo

26 May 2015 13:48

You are very true my dear. Everyone should be careful when a friend start asking him or her money during their chat

26 May 2015 18:39

I can also see that 99 percent of the women are here to make money from the men especially those who clam to be looking for love.

26 May 2015 18:42

I dont even no why a lady will ask a guy 4 for money b4 chrtn wih him...funi site

26 May 2015 21:32

Yes the site is funny my dear it is not sanitized it is full of fake ……..