Ghana forum: MoboFree news - mobofree should be change the registration page. what do you thinking ?
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22 May 2015 15:27

I think yes, mobofree should be change the registration form. And I suggests this changes are good for members in future.

The registration pages....

Registration should be in three types .

1, for friendship ,chatting

2, for dating , lover,

3, just for fun chat ( here allows only adult fun chat)

1. Members should be complete their registration form with their photo, email, and telephone (mobile) number . but they need to hide it from everyone.(optional)

2, photos should be transfer to the member after the verification and and approval by moderators with seal within three days.

3, members should not able to chat or comment in another registration form , example. Indians are not able to post or comment in Nigerian topics.... But here never allow to post comments , and never allow to message to other other category members. And all countries should be register in a same registration page, there is never show the country change.. Its gives more members in a specialized forum example (Nigerian member wants a good frndship, then he/she can possible to join in which is the registration page for friendship & also pakistani can possible in this page) like this all members can possible to join in what they want from here, it helps to relaxation for moderators & it helps to find the members what expected from here.

And some other changes we members expecting in mobofree... That is,

1.we needed a efficient report button in topics , now we can click, but it's not gives the result .

2, we wants to upload all the kind of personal photos except sexual and erotic. It's helps to enjoy the ppl who want to enjoy in that ways.

3, members wants to contact with administration through mail and message. Because moderators sometimes took decision for the personal favour . I'm not sure it, but thinking it will b happen in future,, that tym members are helpless here

I just suggested this because all the members are not here for adult fun chat, or dating