Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - ^_^TO BE FRIENDS WITH MY EX, SHOULD I TRY IT ??
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18 May 2015 11:32

This guy and I used to date kinda on and off for about 3 years, then recently we stopped talking for almost a year, but now he wants to go for a coffee.

A part of me thinks I should go and maybe we can actually start a friendship?
And another part of me thinks if I decide to go we'll just hook up again...

Is it normal to try to befriend him? Or will we probably just become intimate again...

Post ur honest opinion or advice guyzz ..

21 Jul 2015 18:46

I think u should not give him a chance else he will keep repeating that. Besides u don't know where he were all that year. There are transmitted diseases so pls BEWARE.

9 Aug 2015 06:19


15 Aug 2015 12:02

Am already friend of my ex