Ghana forum: Jokes - what will you do if u are d one?
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15 May 2015 16:50

In an oil company, this man was
to receive a contract of N30 million
when his wife called him on phone.
On phone....
Wife: Woooooooooow, darling I have
a very big surprise for u, I can't
believe this.
Husband: wow, ok pls I will call u
back, I'm about to receive a contract
of N30 million.
Wife: Darling, it's a good news but
this one is very urgent pls come
home now, pls it's VERY URGENT.
Husband: but I'm about to...
Husband: em.. pls my wife just called
me for an urgent thing. Pls grant me d
access to go n
come bak quick.
Company: Well, if u leave, I'm afraid
of what might happen to d contract.
The man quickly went home...
Husband: (Seriously sweating):
honey why dis urgent surprise, when I
was abt to receive a
contract worth 30 million?
Wife: Honey, our troubles are over
and God has finally answered our
Husband: R u pregnant?
Wife: Haba honey is more than
pregnancy, if
it's just pregnancy I wouldn't have
disturbed u in ur
Husband: Wow, so what's d surprise?
Wife: (Being happy) Honey, I can't
believe this, u knw we have been
praying over 6
months now? God has finally
answered us.
That Big rat that always disturb us in
the kitchen is finally dead, I called u
to remove it, I'm afraid of touching
If you were the man, what would you do?

27 May 2015 00:22


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