Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Is it a big deal if a man washes his partner’s clothes including her underwear?
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30 Apr 2015 23:48

Drop your views

5 May 2015 09:22

becos of love its a deal

5 May 2015 15:49

Quote by kweku7
:( becos of love its a deal

ohh gud bro thanks for shearing

6 May 2015 14:26

I think here is 50-50 issue to answer because a man can help his woman in washing and scrubbing when she is sick or pregnant but here comes the case that most women when their men offers such helps tries to be lazy for the man to do it all the time and even go into the extend of telling her friends about it for them to laugh. Wel I dont like my man doing my duties for me unless am sick before and even that I dont add my braziers and my unders expercially if is compound house. For Europan countries washing to help the woman is cool because of work and time.