Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Would you lie about your age????
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22 Apr 2015 12:26

Would you lie about your age to get marriage approval from your would be in-laws if suggested by your partner???

22 Apr 2015 16:39

Mmmm, love is from the heart and not about age,all needed in it is the trust, faithfulness and the respect between the two most espercially of the ladys side but what I have realise is when two people are inlove and the lady is older than the guy his friends laugh and tease him so when not lucky enough for the lady the guy wil drop her for another. Mmmmm, a lady can be older than a man in marriage but it shouldnt be more than 5yrs. I personally dont like telling guys my real age because am smarter in both young and old ways of life

22 Apr 2015 20:41

no is a bad habite

22 Apr 2015 21:08


22 Apr 2015 22:24