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7 Apr 2015 15:21

Trusting is very important in our daily lives and trusting also brings alot of pains in to our lives. Hmmmm, tell me friends !!!!! Is it always good to trust our partners or our co-workers???

7 Apr 2015 23:10

None of them

7 Apr 2015 23:48

Quote by Owususamuel
None of them :)

Mmmm, none of them here means we shouldnt trust then how do we work for peace with our coleaques or bosses?? And how do we build our relationships to stand strong without this trust??? Thnx for posting my dear

8 Apr 2015 00:11

respect is reciprocal
trust is also reciprocal. So, if u want to be trusted, then trust

8 Apr 2015 00:39

i don't trust but I believe

8 Apr 2015 06:16

i dont trust