Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Many Girlfrnds is a curse or blessing
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30 Mar 2015 11:30

If u have many girlfriends n u don't know who to choose aaaahhh to be your serious partner what do u do

31 Mar 2015 19:42

if u want to choose who is good for u this is the plan, just invite them one by one, on the day u will invite them ,u just leave your roam on sweept so if she wakes up in the morning and sweep your roam dress up your room that means she is good for marriage

31 Mar 2015 20:31

Yeah broth Amoako is right and you can also try her by giving her small money for her transportation and see her reaction towards it

3 Apr 2015 04:38

First U are playing with Ur life by having more dan one girls or guys... Check urself

13 Apr 2015 12:11

is a bad practices and u must put an end to it and by doing that u can tel them fr some months now work is not good so it would take some time before u give them and see what they wil do

13 Apr 2015 12:22

Many girl friends is a sin , even one girl friend except you have no intimacy with her