Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - IS IT A SIN TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND
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28 Mar 2015 11:33

is it evil to have a girlfriend?

30 Mar 2015 09:45

No. Bu the parents of the girl must be aware of what you are doing with their daughter

30 Mar 2015 10:37

Sex before married is a sin

30 Mar 2015 19:27

Is a great sin.

30 Mar 2015 19:30

It is sin if you have sex with her . but without sex is not a sin

31 Mar 2015 01:25

To me early dating is the cause of immorality so not good.

13 Apr 2015 15:20

yes but some guys go miles to make the girl change her mind in doing and only few men can stay without sex. and they are the men some girls want to have as partners 'but very difficult to fine the right one