Ghana forum: Other - Talent and hard work, which is more important???
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24 Mar 2015 16:27

Which of the
two compliments the

25 Mar 2015 22:11

Even without hard work, talent is nothing.

26 Mar 2015 14:44

hardwork is more important becouse talent without hardwork is nothig

26 Mar 2015 18:43

Yh, I think I wil also go in for hard work

26 Mar 2015 18:46

hard working

26 Mar 2015 22:05


26 Mar 2015 22:10

hard working beats talent when talent does not work harder

29 Mar 2015 09:25

We work hard to improve upon our talent and our talent motivate us to work hard and stay at the top always.

29 Mar 2015 09:54

When Talent Fails
Countless talented people fail . They are better
equipped through some natural gift, some set
of experiences, or through training. It is clear
to everyone around them that they have
greater competencies and greater abilities.
Almost all of these talented people recognize
that they are more talented than their peers.
The reason these talented people fail has
nothing to do with their lack of talent and
everything to do with their unwillingness to put
that talent to work. Talented people sometimes
believe that talent alone is enough to succeed.
But being unwilling to do the work, they fail.
When Hard Work Fails
Some people who work very hard fail, but not
nearly as often as the talented person who is
unwilling. A hard worker tends to produce
results through the sheer force of will. They’re
willing to just keep at something until they
produce some result.
When hard workers fail it is because they
believe that working hard alone is enough.
Because they don’t work at learning more and
improving their effectiveness, they fail. I have
seen many a hard-working salesperson fail
because, despite their willingness to work, they
wouldn’t work on developing their chops .
Talent + Hard Work
The question anonymous asks supposes that
talent and hard work are mutually exclusive ,
that you can be one or the other. But the most
successful people are the talented people who
work hard putting those talents to good use.
They are matched only by the hard worker who
is thoughtful enough to learn quickly, make
distinctions that produce better results, and
hustle to grow their overall competencies.
The only choice to made is whether you are
going to work hard if you are gifted with some
talent, or whether you are going to develop
yourself and learn if you are a hard worker who
lacks the natural talent.

29 Mar 2015 12:27

Talent may fade bt hardwork always move you forward

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29 Mar 2015 13:49

Hardworking is never determined without talent so for me Talent is worth perfect than hardwork.

29 Mar 2015 16:19

Quote by peaceangel2
Hardworking is never determined without talent so for me Talent is worth perfect than hardwork.

ohh okk

29 Mar 2015 19:47

Talent is the only unmovable and unchangeable rock that superceeds everything,,,,talent does not required any much efforts.