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27 Feb 2015 15:47

1. Pride goes before a fall
2. No venture no success
3. A yam that will burn, will burn whether boiled or roasted
4. To fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail
Add yours if any...

27 Feb 2015 18:31

1)fortune favors the bold,but abandons the timid.

27 Feb 2015 18:47

The best way to finish something is the best way to start it.

27 Feb 2015 19:09

live with foresight and be careful your actions today do not bring negative implications on your life tomorrow

27 Feb 2015 19:10

live your life with Destiny in focus

28 Feb 2015 00:09

focus what u r doing don't listing to anyone

28 Feb 2015 23:02

Failure is always temporary,only giving up makes it permanent

1 Mar 2015 08:03

No achievement is without temptation

1 Mar 2015 15:08

life without plan is just an experiment

1 Mar 2015 19:07

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