Ghana forum: Other - how many people have you help __ ?
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13 Feb 2015 02:45

How many people have you help ? ,, i do understand this is secret by let just share ,, how many peoples have you help

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13 Feb 2015 19:09

As many as I can since we are to give out to others as much as we can if we see the needy and the poor. We should also note this proverbs that " givers never lack" bcos the more we give the more our blessings flow in Heaven but give from your heart.

15 Feb 2015 15:22

i need ur help

15 Feb 2015 17:55

Quote by "marry56"
i need ur help

what do u need

15 Feb 2015 18:14

plz need urs help pls

15 Feb 2015 23:13

I need someone help

15 Aug 2015 12:28

Not helped anyone but got help from everyone