Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - what will u do??
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31 Jan 2015 01:33

you are making love with ur gf/bf nd at de climax he/she mention anoda guy/galz name...what will u do?????????

31 Jan 2015 01:37

i will jx push him away nd quit de relationship.yh

9 Feb 2015 12:17

me de be gum

9 Feb 2015 12:29

I will stop nd leave u away

9 Feb 2015 18:07

is it u posting this or wt???

10 Feb 2015 17:40

Romans 1:18-19

The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness,
19.since wat may be known abt God is plain to dem,bcoz has made it plain to dem.

We suppress de truth bcoz of our wickedness n go on doing wat is godlessness.though we knew we hav to glorified n giv Him tnx we dnt bt rather our thinking bcome futile,our hearts bcome darkened bcoz of our sinful desires,we claim to b wise, we exchange truth fr lies,we worship n served created things rather than de creator who is forever praised.

Lord Jesus hav mercy on us fr our foolish desires n grant us a renewal of heart n mind frm sinful desires to prevent Ur wrath frm falling upon us in Jesus mighty name.Amen

Hav a blessed day.

25 Feb 2015 22:53

I will fuck her again and harder until she screen my name.. Lol! ...

14 Mar 2015 14:50

No problem,just see how some one make love at www. friendsligh