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29 Jan 2015 00:35

Only literature will bring issues around you to your doorsteps.

9 Feb 2015 13:10

A man qualified to compete in an athletic game at United Kingdom ( U.K ) on behalf of Ghana as a runner. He is able to qualified from Semi Finals to Quota Finals and finallt the man won the Competition. He is so excited, game hosted in U.K is very popular to be precise. So the man of the Moment is expecting something BIG as a Reward, but sadly, he is given a wooden Craft as an award. This man grew furious,murmured and even cursed himself for partaking in such fruitless competition. On a Ship back to Ghana, he came out of his cabin holding his valueless wood. While murmuring by the window, unconsciously the wooden award fell off the ship into the sea and drowned. Though it fell by mistake but he never bothered, atfer all it's not valuable to him. A great multitude came to receive the disappointed man at the port. The crowd are with much enthusiasm but the man of the moment is not W
while walking on a red carpet layed to lead him to a car that is driving him home. The car took the man to a residential area, stood infront of a gargantuan MANSION. This man is announced the owner of the house but on one condition. He needs to present the woodeN craft award to the minister of sports standing infront of the mansion before he is handed over the keys to the mansion. This man shouted heavily to the suprise of everyone. Why? they asked. He told them how it fell and drowned into the sea. He is told t hat without that unvaluable wooden award, the mansion can't be given to him. So the mansion is given to the state of Ghana and government workers are now living in it. Anytime the man passes by the mansion, he cries bitterly.

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19 Feb 2015 12:52

Some of the Themes in the story above is " prejudice,

20 Feb 2015 01:31