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28 Jan 2015 23:51

How do you understand your poets after reading from them?

11 Feb 2015 15:43

Poetry is divided into stanzas. Characters in poem are called personae. It's equiped with litarary devices, for instance, metaphor, personification, simile n the rest.poetry has themes as well.

13 Feb 2015 10:07

*******Read this Poem******** *******IRONY OF LIFE**********
***I slept and i dreamt,********
in the jungle i found myself.*****
Lovers trying to devour me in marsk. ***********************
*****I ran but no place to hide***
for i know not whom to trust.****
As i ran, the bossom of my enemy was my exile.scary though but
**On top of my voice i shouted,**
family were by my side.*********
So in bed i sigh.****************
**They are terrified than me the dreamer.*********************
Still confused i asked,***********
where is my enemy friend?******

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13 Feb 2015 10:29

This Poem is divided into four Stanzas of Eight Lines.

20 Feb 2015 01:41

One outstanding theme of the Poem x "Irony of Life" as the tittle of the poem is.