Ghana forum: Jokes - the two thieves and the pastor
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10 Mar 2014 20:45

Two thieves stole a bag of oranges from a sales woman. They decided to go to a very calm and guiet place like the cemetary to share the oranges. At the cemetary gate, as they were jumping over the gate two oranges from the bag fell there, they did not take them because they have enough in the bag. They started sharing, ONE FOR ME ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME ONE FOR YOU! As they were sharing a drinker from a nearby spot passed by the cemetary and heard them sharing ONE FOR YOU ONE FOR ME. He took to his heels to the church. He met Pastor and told the Pastor to come here Satan and God sharing dead bodies at the cematry. When they got there, the thieves were still sharing the oranges.,, ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME. Fear grapped the Pastor and the Drinker. Imediately, they finish sharing and the place was very quiet, one of the thieves rememberred that two oranges fell at the gate so he said to the other one " WHAT ABOUT THE TWO AT THE GATE?" THE pastor said but we are not dead yet? So they took to their heels.

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