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15 Jan 2015 22:04

Once upon a time there was an old woman who loved
baking gingerbread. She would
bake gingerbread cookies,
cakes, houses and
gingerbread people, all
decorated with chocolate and peppermint, caramel candies
and colored frosting. She lived with her husband on a farm at the edge of town.
The sweet spicy smell of
gingerbread brought children
skipping and running to see
what would be offered that
day. Unfortunately the children gobbled up the treats so fast
that the old woman had a hard
time keeping her supply of
flour and spices to continue
making the batches of
gingerbread. Sometimes she suspected little hands of
having reached through her
kitchen window because
gingerbread pieces and
cookies would disappear. One
time a whole gingerbread house vanished mysteriously.
She told her husband, "Those
naughty children are at it
again. They don't understand
all they have to do is knock on
the door and I'll give them my gingerbread treats." One day she made a special batch of gingerbread
men because they were extra
big. Unfortunately for the last
gingerbread man she ran out
of batter and he was half the
size of the others. She decorated the gingerbread men with care,
each having socks, shirt and
pants of different colors. When
it came to the little
gingerbread man she felt sorry
for him and gave him more color than the others. "It
doesn't matter he's small," she
thought, "He'll still be tasty."

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