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7 Mar 2014 22:11

There are 4 steps to happiness:1. YUO,2. ME,3.our heart,4. Together!!

6 Apr 2014 12:59

A kid went to the police to
report about his lost
bicycle. KID: My new bicycle has
been stolen.
POLICE: When did u notice?
KID: This morng.
POLICE: Do you have a
suspect? KID: Yes,my mum and
dad.POLICE: why do u
suspect them?
KID: yesterday at midnight
i heard mum say make it
stand well so I can sit on it very well ''and dad said
''climb up fast before it
falls.I then heard mum say
''push slowly slowly dont
hurt me.......
Police hahaha boy na senior bicycle be that ooo...........n
ot yours!!!!

13 May 2014 19:39

Hey dis vry Fuuny Kent stop laughing Eeissh

12 Jul 2014 12:36

Hahahaaaa very funny

28 Jul 2014 21:31

Mmm, i think this topic has being repeated