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15 Nov 2014 18:41

Gonorrhoea is an infectious Sexually Transmitted Diseases that primarily affects the mucous membrane of the urogenital track, the rectum and occasionally the eye... It's caused by the bacterium neisseria gonorrhoeae. Discharge from the infected mucous membranes transmit the bacteria by direct contact, usually sexual. During passage of newborn through the birth canal, the infants eyes may become infected. Males usually suffer inflammation of the urethra with pus and painful urination. In females,infection may occur in the urethra, vagina,and cervix,often with a discharge of pus.frequently. However, there are no noticeable symptoms in males or females.treatment is with antiboitics, mainly ceftriaxonemail.untreated gonorrhoea in females may lead to sterilty as a result of damage to the uterine (fallopian) tubes

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17 Nov 2014 13:12

Thanks for the tip

17 Nov 2014 13:19

Does it have permanent treatment ..if yes how?

19 Nov 2014 08:54

Thanks but how can we cure it?

22 Nov 2014 16:47
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1 Dec 2014 08:19

well done,Allah bles u.l

4 Dec 2014 09:10

Thanks, What about prostage cancer?

7 Dec 2014 07:17


8 Dec 2014 05:18


8 Dec 2014 16:45

Tnx for ur notice and God bless u

8 Dec 2014 16:55

thank how can we prevent it

9 Dec 2014 19:58

World leaders should set free treatment of this disease

13 Dec 2014 07:06

Yes,it has a permanent cure. Am a health worker. If u wouldn't mind,contact me for its medication without any side effects.

13 Dec 2014 07:12

Contact me for its treatment without any side effects. U should be ok in 15days. Am a health worker. My no. is 0246766276.

18 Dec 2014 10:11

What will happened if u dnt see the effection fr some days

19 Dec 2014 11:20

so what some of medicine possibly can treat it

21 Dec 2014 13:53

just call me.

23 Dec 2014 10:28
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