Ghana forum: Jokes - the two little thieves
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4 Mar 2014 10:33

two little boys stole a big bag of oranges from a neighbour and decided to go to a calm place to share it equally. So one of them suggested the nearby cemetery. As they were jumping the big gate to enter the cemetery,two oranges fell out of the bag but they refuse to pick them since they had enough in the bag. Few minutes later a drunkard on his way from the bar,passed near the cemetery gate and heard a voice saying: "one for me, one for u", "one for me, one for u"....... He immediately run as fast as he could to a nearby church for the priest.... Father, please come with me to the cemetery and witness God and satan sharing corpse at the cemetery. They both run back to the gate and the voice continue "one for me, one for u" one for me, one for u...... Suddenly the voice stopped counting and said " what about the two at the gate? Come and see a marathon race. The priest almost run pass the church gate shouting " wa are not yet ohhhhhhhhh...... How many likes for this post...

8 Mar 2014 15:05

haaa.... Father wes's ur faint

8 Mar 2014 22:22

wow-luv tis!

8 Mar 2014 22:53

its realy funny luv it

12 Mar 2014 08:08


6 Jul 2014 19:32

Hahaha fake pastor

7 Oct 2014 16:39

u r brutaaaaaaaaaah .......

8 Oct 2014 05:06

fAntastic!!!!!! lol

22 Oct 2014 01:29

I Can stop laughing hahahahaaaaa.....!

22 Oct 2014 16:58

I Can stop laughing hahahahaaaaa.....!

Yea bro and it's very interesting

22 Oct 2014 18:03

Nyce one there. Hehehehehehehe

22 Oct 2014 19:31


1 Nov 2014 21:20

wat a wow

1 Nov 2014 21:27

Quote by asareisaac58
wat a wow

yea it was a wow

4 Nov 2014 19:43


29 Jun 2015 19:41

im gonna like it 2times = 0

29 Jun 2015 19:42

very nyc

2 Jul 2015 21:14


2 Jul 2015 21:25

Father paaa no faith

3 Jul 2015 10:42