Ghana forum: Business - concepts what stuff you could sell
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6 Oct 2014 15:29

Turn on your minds, help each other with selling ideas

7 Oct 2014 10:42

know the season you are in and the moving business for that particular season before starting up with your business

8 Oct 2014 01:01

u hv to no what pple need in the area and alway put in mind that items like food and other stuffs moves more fast then any other product

10 Oct 2014 17:33

This Demands Economic.. B4 U start a business know what the People around dia needs... Know what U re really into...

15 Jul 2016 13:11

these are some of the buisness you can start with when you wanna do your own job.. food buisnee is the best job you can do if you want to make it, Also Fashion(photo shoot, and media)