Ghana forum: Romance & Friendship - Can you be single without a life partner?
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3 Oct 2014 02:02

True love is holy and a blessing from God, after creation God brought out a woman from the man's rib saying to him this is the flesh of your flesh and the bone of your bone. Adam and Eve were to bring forth their offsprings alive. Hmmmm God again said, he who finds a wife, finds the most precious thing. So friends do you think as humans we can leave without a life partner as others claim they can do? Post your honest ideas here.

3 Oct 2014 09:21

why not.Big Yes.

3 Oct 2014 10:30

Yes you can live without a partner

3 Oct 2014 10:36

Naa it cnt be possible

3 Oct 2014 10:40

Why when you were growing up where you in a relatioship or single

3 Oct 2014 10:53

who told u dat it cant be possible

3 Oct 2014 11:44

it a must for everyone to have a partner at the right time. That why God created Eve for Adam

3 Oct 2014 21:44

unless u hv negative feelins, even dat u cant

3 Oct 2014 21:50

No my dear