Ghana forum: Religion - Who is Christus?
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28 Sep 2014 11:26

Christ is the son of the living God
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2 Oct 2014 13:22

yes a man of great power,and of wonders.HE IS THE LORD OF LORDS AND THE KING OF KINGS.

2 Oct 2014 16:18

Amen and Amen. He is indeed King of Kings and Lord of Lords

3 Oct 2014 01:31

Christ is the only Messiah who died and rosed again from the dead on the third day after resurrection to save mankind from their sins through His blood

3 Oct 2014 06:54

Amen. He indeed saved the world from sins with his blood.

5 Oct 2014 08:05

"and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf." (2 Corinthians 5:15).

5 Oct 2014 09:39

Amen and Amen

5 Oct 2014 09:52