Ghana forum: Other - ALL DIE BE DIE
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23 Sep 2014 22:00

If You Are Falling From A Story Building And If You Fall You Will Die And Some One With Ebola Decided To Help You With It.So Will You Fall And Die Immediately Or You Will Allow The Ebola Patient Save You And Get Ebola? Have Your Say

27 Sep 2014 03:21

no comment

27 Sep 2014 12:35

I go die,dan mi gettin ebola

27 Sep 2014 13:41

is better to fall and die dan to suffer with Master Ebola

27 Sep 2014 14:11

I want to die a peaceful straight death and not to be carried to hospitals and un holy places up and down

27 Sep 2014 15:29

A person who's having Ebola cannot hold a person falling from a story building and the person who's having Ebola cannot even control his or herself and what I'll do is, I'll rather fall and die

27 Sep 2014 21:03

onua i will let Ebola man save me.afterdat i wil go to wher many people are and touch dem one by one.wher people are crowded.and spead ebola hahahaa.AM NOT WICKED OOO mind it is jux a joke

28 Sep 2014 23:10

is better to die fast and alone than to be suffer before die and also transmit the ebola to innocent people

29 Sep 2014 00:34

I will let the man with ebola save me

29 Sep 2014 01:38

masa i go fall den die dan to get rotten

1 Oct 2014 05:38

I will fall n die

23 Dec 2014 22:24

i will rather fall and die

24 Feb 2015 11:38

i will let the Ebola man save me and when God have mercy on me he can heal me