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20 Sep 2014 09:52

Two true lovers dicided to die together.So they went and stood on a very tall mountain.They agreed to jump by the count of three.after the count,the guy jumped but the lady forced her self back.the guy had a parachute at his back without the ladys intention so he opened it and landed safty.WHO IS THE WICKED AMOUNG THE TWO

20 Sep 2014 09:55

i think the lady is very wicked.whats ur idea....may if they jumped to gether,the guy would have not opened it

27 Sep 2014 08:40

The lady

27 Sep 2014 10:23

The guy. .

27 Sep 2014 12:43

D guy

27 Sep 2014 12:49

Both of them are wicked, bt d guy is more

27 Sep 2014 12:55

lol, the guy is very wicked paaaaaaaaaa

27 Sep 2014 13:00
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27 Sep 2014 13:35

D guy is wicked God save d girl

27 Sep 2014 19:23

squard the lady ooo read well .if de guy had no parachute anka wa wu

27 Sep 2014 21:10

you guys should stop blaming the girl. The guy is wicked more than the word itself

27 Sep 2014 21:12

U sure

27 Sep 2014 21:15


27 Sep 2014 21:17

To me I think no one

27 Sep 2014 23:44

De guy

28 Sep 2014 00:30

Ooooo Ladys why hmmm

29 Sep 2014 00:50

de guy is more wicked

29 Sep 2014 01:18

dey ar both not faithful to deirselves n dey ar both wicked but for mor wicked is de lady, de guy oli tried to see de mind of de girl n finali he foun it.
i think its a great idea lol

29 Sep 2014 01:32

it a wicked decision dey took bt d guy is samtyn

29 Sep 2014 12:23

Both of them