Ghana forum: Fashion - Modern way of fashion
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22 Aug 2014 20:33

Is it good to follow others way of dressing, all because of modern life fashion or not? Share your ideas

24 Aug 2014 02:30
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25 Aug 2014 19:20

I think you have to put on a decent outfit. Don't follow others!

25 Aug 2014 21:49

Following others way of dressing ruins or tarnish the religion nd tribe u are coming from.

30 Aug 2014 02:26

Fashion does not last forever and that's one thing we should get to know, but our personality is what makes us whom we are.

31 Aug 2014 02:02

modrel meaning decent dressing

1 Sep 2014 01:36

De way of dressen come's 4rm de culture inwhich u come 4rm,so there's no need 2 pick defrnd cultural dressen.

21 May 2016 23:38

No bcuz sme dnt no hw so day do it d opposite way nd look stupid nd foolish

30 Sep 2016 01:00