Ghana forum: Religion - Dear Heavenly Father,
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22 Feb 2014 08:52

Thank you for your loving kindness. Thank you for
looking after us, caring for us, and providing for us!
You are faithful and we love you. We pray that you
continue to provide for us. Help us to also trust in
your timing. You know every single need we have, as well as every desire. We lay our hearts at the foot of
your throne, with humble hearts. What ever you
provide is efficient and good. Help us to remember
that. We lift up our marriages to you, asking that we
may experience peace and growth with our Spouse.
Thank you for helping our families and children. Thank you for the comfort you give to those who are
single and to those who are widowed. Holy Spirit cast
out all of our fears and worries of what tomorrow
holds or requires of us. Give us confidence of your
power working through us. We pray for an
abundance of joy in Jesus name AMEN! 'LIKE' and Comment 'Amen.'

25 Feb 2014 16:05


10 Jul 2014 03:29

Bitterness can never knock your door, nigbati ko ya were!!! Sorrow can never visit you ;yes ko ni fe te now! Death dare not call your line, sincerely speaking ko to bee! Only goodness and mercy shall follow you all d days of your life, gba bee!! Just keep on praising God ...believe and hope for what u desire , o sure pa! Bo se wa niyen. God is in total control of ur life! Oya Smile jooo. Send to d pple u love

2 Aug 2014 12:16

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up,
ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall
come in.(Psa. 24:7)
(Worship the Lord)
1. Father, make August my month of comfort
2. August 2014, hear the word of the Lord open
for me to prosper, grow, multiply, increase,
dominate, rule, IJN
3. Every gate of evil program into you to
frustrate, limit, disgrace, control or punish me is
hereby sealed by the blood of Jesus
4. Every gate of greatness, prosperity,
promotion, fruitfulness, plenty, breakthrough,
increment, divine health & healing open NOW to
my family & I IJN
5. Father, let fire separate me & everyone who
intends to frustrate your glory in my life this
6. August shall be a Month of COMFORT for me
& all mine IJN
August shall be far better, greater & soothing
than all my previous months IJN