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12 Aug 2014 16:37

What is your usual or favourite quote or sayings?

12 Aug 2014 16:43

1. life goes on since we are stil alive 2. When one door closes another opens but we often look soo regretfully upon the close door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. 3. If you dont like some thing change it,if you cant change it,leave it. Dont complain

13 Aug 2014 01:28

If you can't walk then crawl,if you can't crawl then jump,if you can't jump then hop,if you can't hop then fly because at any point in your life you should never completely give up.

15 Aug 2014 03:00


15 Aug 2014 03:18

U can feel erection but dont allow erection to determine ur direction.

15 Aug 2014 14:32
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15 Aug 2014 21:15


15 Aug 2014 21:19

1.God's time is the best 2.Only determine and perssivered people will make it to the top 3.Think before you act.don't give up friends

16 Aug 2014 02:38

use what you have to get what you want

16 Aug 2014 07:09

Imaginations rules the world

16 Aug 2014 07:11

Gaining weight whilst you still owes me is a sign of disrespect

16 Aug 2014 17:03

lyf is a teacher

16 Aug 2014 21:10

Beautiful fyns aa nt always gud but good fyns aa always beautiful

16 Aug 2014 21:28

if a gal u luv does not luv u back,dont be forcing her,let her go cos u can never convince a monkey that strawberry is sweeter than banana,let her many gals are waiting for u out there,stop wasting ur precious time on her,cos u can never force a triangle into the shape of a circle.

16 Aug 2014 21:40

When trouble goes to bed,we do not set the alarm clock to wake it up!

16 Aug 2014 22:26

1If wishes were chariot, beggars will ride it. 2 Necessity is the mother of invention

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16 Aug 2014 22:44

U can never force nature to accept impossibility

17 Aug 2014 01:34

Winners neva quit n quitters neva win...

17 Aug 2014 01:39

is an irony those who knows next to nothing think that they know everything

17 Aug 2014 01:51

(1) But in the END we will not Remember the death of our friends but the silence of our ENEMY. (2) Dont throw away dirty water till you get clean. (3) The poorest PAY is better than NONE.