Ghana forum: Religion - Cursing/ swearing
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6 Aug 2014 22:28

You are being accused of some thing you have no idea of which can lead you to be imprisoned or stoned to death. Hmmm, as a christian is it advisable to swear or to curse in order to prove your innocent?

7 Aug 2014 11:51

If u re a true christian just like the apostles,then u need'nt swear\curse.

7 Aug 2014 16:16

True christians dont swear dey jst allow God to take charge of de issue

7 Aug 2014 18:54

I don't think it is necessory for a true christian to swear.Allow God to deal with the case,his own way.

10 Aug 2014 19:45

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4 Nov 2014 18:56

true christian never swear/curse