Ghana forum: Education - Symbol of women
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6 Aug 2014 08:50

According to accient scientific, the moon symbolises women. Have you any idea of it?

6 Aug 2014 19:40

It cud b possible

7 Aug 2014 02:40

u sure?

7 Aug 2014 11:10

Quote by sikayena91
u sure?

Yeah, am sure. This is the reasons. Definition of the moon first, The moon is the primary night light of the skies, illuminating the land brightly on the night of the full moon and receding again to the mystery of complete darkness. This ancient enigma of regular appearance is a visible of life and death in the world. Now to the topic of moon being a symbol of women. Its visible cycles mirrored the life of women which every woman has her monthly menstration?. Some Women check if they are pregnant or not by reading it in the sky when it moves in the middle it tels her she is pregnant . Ancients believed also that the the moon was the representative of the Tripple Goddess. Her three incarnations of maiden, mother and crone were closely matched with the lunar phrases of new full and old. Therefore the complete triad of goddess is symbolised in the changing face of the moon

4 Mar 2015 15:30

i am not sure